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Suffering with Allergies

Posted on: May 28, 2011

Angela Brooks wrote an article with the above mentioned title on her blog and she could have quoted me. When I read this, I thought she was talking about me:
“From a young age, throughout my young adulthood, I suffered terrible allergies. I couldn’t be in a house that was dusty, musty, or had dogs or cats because in less than 10 minutes my eyes would be red, watery, and I would be sneezing. I lived on allergy medications”.

I have gone throuhg the same thing and just like her, I now use LAVENDER and PEPPERMING Essential Oil from Young Living ( to relieve my symptoms.

Read Angela’s article HERE


1 Response to "Suffering with Allergies"

I could have written that article, as well. I used to have terrible allergies. I found that the road to relief is paved my Mother Nature. Since I discovered therapeutic grade essential oils, I don’t suffer from allergies anymore.

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