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How Do you Manage Emotions Under Pressure?

Posted on: May 16, 2011

How Do you Manage Emotions Under Pressure?
How to stay calm and productive in (almost!) any situation?
Written by Eileen Lichtenstein

Many competent people “self-sabotage” themselves every day by overreacting emotionally and hurting their relationships — both at work and at home and by staying stuck in habits that hurt them, such as procrastination,   disorganization, avoiding conflict … the list goes on and on.

Many professionals can respond with a level head — even if they are ready to “blow a fuse” by adapting to workplace changes — even those that are tough to swallow and by sticking with difficult challenges when solutions don’t come easily.  They can usually follow through on plans, turn “good intentions” into reality and meet more goals by developing  the steady self-control it takes to stand up for yourself and deal with conflicts positively.  They are able to break on-the-job habits that hurt you, like procrastination, disorganization, and others.

You can bring more discipline into your personal and professional life by creating healthier routines and relationships.  Maybe you are stuck – and either don’t have “a clue” or have many “clues” and don’t know what to do.  Here are a few ways to create a better emotional relationship with yourself- and that will surely transfer to others- just give these a try!

* Write down three things – people – situations you are grateful for each day
* Write personal affirmations and place them on your dashboard , on computer and in the bathroom
* Practice effective communication- be assertive v. reactive
* Leave the scene, when possible if you find your stress/frustration/anger quotient rising and take a “time-out” to do any of the above! and/or punch the ceiling, go into the car and scream, do EFT (emotional freedom techniques, tapping)
* Practice relaxation and/or meditation on a regular basis
* Exercise often
* Enjoy nature
* Have fun! and Smile 🙂
* Eat and sleep well

All the best with this- it takes determination, perseverance & internal motivation to succeed at anything.  Trust that these techniques help and practice them and then write your own success story!  I’m listening…

Eileen Lichtenstein, MS. Ed. is the CEO of Balance & Power, Inc as well as an author and a success coach.  She can be reached at or


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