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Sand Wars

Posted on: May 14, 2011

Sand of The Beach!

One of the downsides of summer beach activity is keeping the sand out of your car and your home! A few simple “pre” beach going tips can be used to avoid the sand trail of woe.

For your car: take an old flat bed sheet for the back seat and extra large bath/beach towel for the front seats, and use them as seat covers.  You’ll be able to trap the sand on these instead of your cars interior.  Do the same for your trunk or rear storage area of mini vans/SUV’s, this provides a lining between your beach accessories and your interior.

* Junk in the trunk:  Keep an unused storage container in your car for beach junk-small pails, beach toys, flip flops etc.  (Safety tip: it’s best to BRING flip flops with you and wear proper non slip shoes for driving)
*       Store in your trunk a gallon or two of water (tap water is fine in a reused milk container) you’ll be told why in a sentence or two.
*       Bring a change of clothes and a clean towel that will NOT be used on the beach.
*       Bring a re-usable laundry bag.


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