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Tips for eating healthy during the holidays

Posted on: November 22, 2010

Holiday season is upon us again! Many of my clients enter the season apprehensively though. While the festive holiday season may bring great joy, it also brings a lot of temptation and a lot of stress. Many find themselves short of the time they need to prepare wholesome meals and others find themselves at party after party filled with foods they probably would not eat otherwise. Here are a few tips to help you get through:

* Short on time? Try preparing “one pot” meals. Not only will this save you some time, but usually these types of meals are easy to freeze so, make some extra and have a ready made meal the following week.
* Carry snacks with you in the car if you end up spending more time than expected shopping. Avoid stopping at fast food restaurants.
* Stay hydrated! Never leave home without water (avoid BPA plastic bottles!)
* Take some time for you… FIND IT!! Even if it is just a moment to gain your sanity and relax. We make better health choices when we are in a good state of mind.
* Plan ahead before you go to a gathering. If you know there will only be unhealthy food, eat before you go so you are already full. You can also ask if you can prepare a dish of your own to bring so you know there will be a healthy option available.
* Are you cooking? Do you need to please all tastes? Think about healthy substitutes. How can you make your dishes healthier? Maybe you use water to saute your vegetables rather than butter. Maybe you serve sprouted grain bread rather than white bread. Or maybe you offer guests a fruit seltzer instead of soda. Think substitutes.
* Eat as much raw as you can. People usually decrease their intake of raw foods during the holidays. This is not necessary though! There are plenty of raw foods you can incorporate into your holiday meals. From salad appetizers to fruit salad to raw nuts to raw desserts. Get creative. Even do a google search for raw desserts. You will be amazed what you find.
* Finally, do not berate yourself. If not having a piece of cake is going to kill your entire night, have a little piece. Enjoy it, savor it, and then go back to making healthier choices.


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