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Allergies, allergic conjunctivitis, eye-drops and more

Posted on: May 7, 2010

If there is anyone who knows about allergies, it is ME!
Ever since I was a little girl I have been allergic to many things. For example all animals with hairs or feathers, dust, cigarette smoke, certain ingredients in personal care products, certain foods, etc. An extensive list of all kind of things…

To add, I suffer from seasonal allergies from the end of March until the end of June. Sneezing, itchy and watering eyes, runny nose – it feels like my whole face is itching ;-)

I like to use natural cures and have found great relief for my runny nose by using LAVENDER ESSENTIAL OIL (, but for my eyes I need to use (over the counter) eye-drops.

And I want to give you a warning about eye-drops.

For the 5 years I have lived in the US, I used Visine A.C.; the one for seasonal itching and redness relief. And for the same amount of time I thought that the pain in my eyes was due to my severe allergies. At times it was so bad that I was crying from pain and could not keep my eyes open or closed.

Last year I was desperate and went to see Arthur Singer ( Today I can say Arthur saved my eyes. And the second thing I want to say is: DO NOT USE VISINE – EVER!!!

The only thing Visine does is DRY OUT your eyes. My eyes were so dry that my cornea was breaking up. That caused the pain. I felt like someone took a handful of sand and threw it in my face every day of the allergy season.

Right now I am using an over the counter eye-drop which costs me the same amount as the Visine did and I can even wear my contact lenses during this season.

MY advise to allergy sufferers:

Go see a good optometrist (I recommend Arthur Singer) and get advise on which eye drops would be good for you.
Use Lavender Essential Oil (buy the therapeutic grade, not the ones that just smell like lavender)
Be careful with the use of antihistamine while wearing your contact lenses – it can help with symptoms as runny nose and sneezing, but it can make ocular symptoms worse by reducing the tear quality and quantity.
Boost your immune system by taking Omega III supplements, vitamin C and drinking Ningxia Red (
Don’t let the allergies ruin Spring for you, it is such a beautiful season

Enjoy every day


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