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Posted on: August 23, 2009

“As a Doctor of Oriental Medicine I am very concerned about the quality of any herbs or foods which my patients choose to put into their bodies. I am so happy to be able to recommend Young Living products as I know that they are the cleanest and most wholesome available. Ningxia Red is a great breakthrough. This allows anyone to access the benefits of Wolfberries anytime; just by grabbing a juice packet.

The amazing Wolfberry is a powerhouse of beneficial nutrients and healing compounds for the body. No wonder that this little red fruit has been venerated by the Asian peoples for thousands of years and is classified within their herbal pharmacopias (medical textbooks) as a “Superior Medicine”, that is one which has profound effects on our health yet has no toxic side effects.

Oriental Medicine has been a literate, professional system of health care practiced for almost 2,000 years as verified by historical literature. Of course the roots of this medical tradition itself are much, much older, going back to the dawn of Chinese civilization. It is my honor to have been a practitioner of this wonderfully safe and holistic model of health care for 20 fulfilling years.

I have used these Wolfberries (called Lycium barbatum Fructus) for two decades now as a super food for my patients. Since most of my patients are not Asian, it was a new thing for them to try these ‘red raisins’ as a snack. They would smile with surprise to find that they are very tasty and not nearly as sweet as dried grapes, which are too sugary and can feed organisms such as bacteria and yeasts. Because so many of my patients have been exposed to years of stress and have been abused by chemical drugs whether from prescriptions, over the counter, or from eating non-organic meats and dairy – they often have problems with fungus (such as Candida). Well, the delicious Wolfberries are a treat for them, because they can eat something tasty, sweet, and nutritious and yet not get any of those ‘sugar reaction’ problems such as bloating, headaches, hypoglycemia and energy drops.

Traditionally Lycium has been called the Fruit of the Matrimony Vine, and in Chinese herbal medicine this has been helpful for Tonifying (strengthening) the Liver and Kidney systems. These two systems are energetically responsible for human fertility, keeping or regaining strong clear vision, and slowing the aging process. Therefore in Chinese culture Wolfberries are often given as a gift of filial piety to one’s parents and teachers as a sign of respect. Such a gift (the plumper and redder the berry the better) means ‘we wish you a long and healthy life’.

With time pressure being an epidemic for many people it is hard to remember to take good care of oneself, so having such convenience is a great boost. Of the 16 types of Wolfberries produced commercially in China, only the ones from Ningxia have the fullest spectrum of health benefits. Of course it is no surprise that Young Living would choose only these for the juice, along with synergist juices. As a clinician I see the power of combining several herbs into a formula, so that the effect is stronger than the sum of the parts. This is what happens with the juices blended into Ningxia Red. It is the wise consumer, and more and more of my patients, who are reaping the harvest of improved health and vitality from this “Master Blend”.

Orest V. Pelachaty, received his degree of Oriental Medical Doctor in 1986 from the California Acupuncture College subsequent to his 1985 Master Degree from Trisate College of Acupuncture. He holds a BA in Psychology from Rutgers Univesity is nationally certified in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine. He lives with his wife, Sue Short Hills New Jersey.

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