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For stuffy noses and pneumonia….

Posted on: February 16, 2009

I wanted to share with you this excellent article that my friend Mirdza Pavasars Hayden wrote:

Many people around me have mentioned that they have sinus problems and also that they are fighting pneumonia. They say nothing really helps. Therefore, I decided to tell you today about an oil blend that could definitely help you, as it has helped us. It’s a blend of Eucalyptus oils called R.C.

R.C is the oil that I have been using on my kids and myself for a couple of years now. It helps clear the sinuses so we can breathe when we start catching a cold, and, when we put it on our chest and back, it prevents the phlegm from going into our chest and causing pneumonia or any other respiratory problem. I love that blend; our sinus problems and cough last a very short time, plus the blend of oils even strengthens our immune system to help fight anything else coming our way.

R.C is therapeutic-grade so it’s not sold in just any store. It’s prescription quality, but you can get it without a prescription, of course. Young Living Essential Oils produces it and markets it. They don’t sell it in stores because they want to make sure that we are using it correctly. They always send out a booklet that says how to use the oils and there are people that can help us know how it has helped them. The cost is a lot higher than the adulterated oils, of course, because they are much higher quality. When I learned the process that is used to distill the oils and bring them into our homes, I am amazed we have them at all, to be very honest. Here is YouTube video on the process of making lavender oil from seedling to sealing it in the bottle.

The same care is used for every single oil produced by Young Living and that is why I would never use or recommend anything other than these oils:

Take care and stay happy and healthy,



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